Always USA

We operate 3 foundries pouring primarily copper, aluminum and zinc alloys. We make our own plastic injection molded parts and do our own chrome plating in house. We support these capabilities with extensive CNC machining, metal stamping, grinding, polishing, tumbling and buffing. All that happens right here, in our plant in Miami, Florida, just like we’ve been doing in the USA for over a century. And, in the rare case when we can’t make a component ourselves, we always look to source it from a Made in USA supplier.

Since we do everything in the USA, we meet EPA requirements for waste disposal, comply with OSHA requirements for safety, fund Social Security and Medicare, and meet industry pay and worker benefit levels. We spend money to treat the environment as if we had to live in it, and to provide our employees a fair wage.

Unfortunately, our largest competitor is China, not a company, but a country that has different rules and different opinions. Over the past few decades, China has made exact copies of many products we spent time and money to create from scratch. A substantial portion of our legacy products are no longer made in the USA.

But things are still good. We live in the greatest country of all time. And we will never be enticed into to thinking that China as a partner is a good thing, either for us or for our country. We know that any time China knocks off another of our designs, the future of that product may change, as it will now be sold for prices even below our cost to manufacture. The plus side is that this motivates us to look for new opportunities. Our expansion into emission control products is a great example of how both Perko and our customers benefit from this evolution.

When it comes to purchasing, we all decide what is most important for ourselves. We believe that every product that is made in the USA, whether for a car, a house, or even a boat, makes the USA a stronger and more secure place.

Perko Inc.
Perko products STILL Made in the USA for over 100 years.
LED Navigation Lights
LED Navigation Lights
T-Handle Lock
T-Handle Locks
Battery Switches
Battery Switches
Emissions Components
Emissions Components

Made with USA Components

Figure No 0493 Raw Intake Water Strainer

Raw Intake Water Strainer

Figure No 0655 LED Bi-Color Navigation Light

LED Bi-Color Navigation Light

Figure No 1092 T-Handle Surface Mount Latch

T-Handle Surface Mount Latch

Figure No 8511 Battery Selector Switch

Battery Selector Switch

The Perko Story

A story that goes back over 100 years.


Perko Employees circa 1918
Perko Employees during the 1918 pandemic.
Perko Punch Press Dept. circa 1940
Perko Punch Press Department
Perko Assembly Dept. circa 1960
Perko Assembly Department

Products Made in the USA in 1918

  • Navigation Lights
    • Lanterns
    • Oil
    • Electric
    • Bulkhead
    • Signal Lights
    • Beacon (Gas Acetylene)
    • Oil Burners
    • Spare Lenses
  • Interior Lighting
    • Dome Lights
    • Hurricane Ceiling Oil Fixtures
    • Wall Mount Lanterns
    • Cabin Lamps
    • Spare Globes & Shades
  • Binnacle Heads
  • Ventilators
  • Hand Pumps
  • Signal Devices
    • Fog Horns & Bells
    • Whistles
    • Distress Balls & Signals
  • Oil Can, Buckets & Funnels
  • Bilge Pumps
  • Hand Held Oilers
    • Engineer Oiler Sets
    • Railroad Oilers
    • Automobile Oilers
  • Bouys
    • Mooring & Pickup
  • Miscellaneous
    • Reflectors
    • Carburator Check Valves
    • Port Lights
    • Rat Guards
    • Wick Trimmer
    • Bell Chain

...& Now

Perko Employees circa 2020
Perko Employees during the 2020 pandemic.
Perko Chrome Plating Dept. current day
Perko Chrome Plating Department
Current Day
Perko Foundry Dept. current day
Perko Foundry Department
Current Day

Products STILL Made in the USA in 2020

  • Navigation Lights
    • LED
    • Incandescent
    • Recreational Under 20m
    • Commercial Over 20m
    • Bulbs & Spare Parts
  • Searchlights
  • Battery Switches & Electrical
  • Fog Bells
  • Fuel Systems Components
    • Tank Vents & Valves
    • Canisters
    • Fuel Fills and Caps
    • Vented, Pressurized & EPA
  • Interior Lighting
    • Dome Lights
    • Cockpit Lights
    • Utility Lights
  • Underwater Hardware
    • Strainers, Thru-Hulls & Adapters
    • Scuppers
    • Flushing & Winterizing
  • Cabinet Hardware
    • Hinges, Hasps & Hooks
    • Barrel Bolts
    • Pulls & Catches
  • Deck Hardware
    • Locks and Latches
    • Deck Plates and Ventilators
    • Water Fittings
    • Cleats & Chocks
    • Handles
    • Rowlocks
  • Fishing Equipment