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Made in the USA

For over 100 years Perko has been manufacturing marine products only in the USA. Some of our in-house capabilities include:

  • Automated Sand Casting
  • Plastics Injection Molding
  • CNC Machining
  • Die Casting
  • Chrome Plating

Made in America was a core philosophy of this family owned business from day one back in 1907 and now, over a century later, made in the USA remains a core philosophy.

Made in the USA Product Videos

Perko History

The Merifield Company has represented Perko for over 70 years. Ivan Cross from the Merifield Company discusses Perko's history from the early days in their 1907 Brooklyn, New York factory to the current day facility located in Miami, FL spanning over 425,000 square feet.

Battery Switches

Perko made it's first battery switch in 1935. Since then, hundreds of thousands of boats have the left the dock with a Perko battery switch installed. Doug Peterson, an associate at The Gartner Group that represents Perko in the south east, explains Perko's battery switch history.

Navigation Lights

Navigation lights were the first products that were produced when Perko was founded in 1907. A century later Perko is still the leader in navigation lights, now illuminated by LEDs. Greg Devine with CGW Associates who represents Perko in the north east talks about Perko Navigation Lights.

Pole Lights

Perko has been a world leader in pole lights since making their first ones in the early 1930s. Since then the product line has grown to include over 500 SKUs. Kory Mitchell, a rep for Perko in the central United States, discusses the plethora of options you have when it comes to choosing a Perko pole light.


In this video, Kevin Williams, a Perko rep in the Mid Atlantic United States, discuss the Perko FlushPro™. Running conventionally cooled engines in salt water shortens the life of expensive parts. FlushPro™ is an affordable, easy to use toll that simplifies engine flushing and winterizing.

Lift Locks

Perko introduced their first lift lock over 35 years ago. Chris Martorana, a Perko rep with the Merifield Company, discusses Perko's lift lock history and arguably one of the best lift locks on the market today, the 1091 & 1092 series.

If the name Perko is on a product you bought, that product was made right here in the USA.
Perko - Always USA.